charcoal from Indonesia

             First Charcoal Indonesia is charcoal supplier from Indonesia. In addition, we are the product brand name owned by CV Kiat Berdikari. In the past, we produced charcoal for sale domestically, but as the times and demand grew, we began to think about developing this charcoal business for export.

             As a charcoal supplier from Indonesia, we provide the best charcoal from Indonesia. We control every step of the production, packaging and quality of our charcoal. Starting from the selection of charcoal raw materials, cleaning, carbonization, making charcoal, until the end of drying and packaging.

             Our production locations are located in various regions in Java, Sulawesi and Sumatra. We supply charcoal in bulk and it can be shipped to any destination around the world. We can produce charcoal according to the buyer’s request. The charcoal we make can be used for various needs, such as Shisha, BBQ, Sauna, Cooking, Raw materials for making briquettes, and others. You can order charcoal from us with various specifications, packaging, and shapes needed.

            We are experienced in making various types of charcoal, because we are charcoal supplier from Indonesia who started the charcoal business from scratch. We can ensure that the charcoal that arrives at your place is charcoal of the best quality and according to your request. What are you waiting for sir? Let’s do business with us and make sure your customers are happy with the quality of your products.

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